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berkshire contamination control

Berkshire is a manufacturer and supplier of contamination control products for a wide range of precision electronics, optical, solar, and semiconductor applications.

Ultra-clean contamination control products for semiconductor, microelectronic and nanotechnology environments

Berkshire provides a wide variety of contamination control products for labs and cleanrooms, which deliver enhanced productivity, superior performance and increased safety.

Users in organic and inorganic environments, device fabrication and processing, and package assembly facilities can benefit from the highest levels of contamination control that Berkshire products offer.

Cleanroom wipes with advanced technology improves yields

Creator of the patented CapSure® technology, Berkshire has launched ValuSeal® IONX®, a ground-breaking wiper with extremely low levels of releasable ions to tackle the most complex cleaning challenges.

The company's cleanroom wipes meet the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) standards. They have been tested for fibers, particles, sorbency, non-volatile residues, and ions. Key layers of the wiper include the non-woven, knitted, foam, and microfiber layers, which are arranged in dry, pre-wetted, and solvent-compatible configurations.

Unique product options, such as new substrates, special sizes, packaging configurations, and saturation levels are also available.

Berkshire provides all the data, testing, and expertise to enable its clients to make the right wiper selection for their processes.

Cleanroom paper and notebooks for writing, printing, and photocopying

Berkshire provides high-quality cleanroom paper and bonds, which reduce the risk of chemical and particle contamination often associated with utilizing paper products in the cleanroom environment.

The company's cleanroom paper and notebooks are manufactured with the highest quality cellulose, which has been selected from particular forests. The coatings are also unique, to minimize particle and fiber release.

Each package is precisely cut to size, double-wrapped, and measured for consistent cleanliness. Paper is cleaned and double-bagged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom. Paper is suitable for use in ISO Class 3-7, Cleanroom Class 1-10,000, and EU Grades B, C, and D.

Berkshire documentation solutions are perfectly designed for controlled environments, including laboratories, biotech research facilities, university and research, and aerospace, as well as electronic, semiconductor, circuit board and healthcare (USP 797) industries. In addition, they are widely used for biomedical device manufacturing operations.

Glove liners for cleanroom, industrial, and electronic applications

Berkshire glove liners are an ideal product for any user requiring continual use of various types of gloves, including nitrile, latex, and neoprene. Special fiber construction and yarn technology enables moisture wicking during extended wear. Berkshire offers a full selection of polyester, and nylon glove liners that grant even the most discriminatory wearer with an appropriate glove liner that is cool and comfortable.

Berkshire glove liners are used throughout many critical environments and industries.

About Berkshire

Berkshire is a key resource in the supply chain and has been ISO:9001 registered for more than 21 years.

Founded in the mid-1960s, the company is now a leader in terms of developing and manufacturing cleanroom products and services for controlled environmental markets and highly technical manufacturing, worldwide.

Berkshire has an extensive customer support team, a website, it only employs contamination specialists, and it has access to an array of local distributor networks, all aimed at supporting clients. Clients can expect a long-term and sustainable relationship with a comprehensive approach to lowest total cost in use and application success.

The company has headquarters in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and has manufacturing and sales offices throughout Europe, North and South East Asia, and the Americas.

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Berkshire Corporation
21 River Street
Great Barrington
United States of America
+1 800 242 7000
+1 336 446 0156

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Cleanrooms | Aseptic Processing | Controlled Environments 07 July 2016 A breakthrough patented wiper technology from Berkshire, CapSure® features an innovative surface treatment process that enables wipers to capture and retain more contaminant particles, providing a more effective wipe and reducing the risk of recontamination.

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