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#SizeMatters: Risk Matters Campaign

Monday, June 20, 2016 by Dycem

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Dycem flooring is more effective than peel-off mats for meeting cleanroom protocols.

With an average size of 1.2m x 0.6m (4ft x 2ft), peel-off mats have a surface area that is on average five times smaller than a Dycem CleanZone,

Being this small in size, coupled with their usual placement of only one mat outside of critical areas, peel-off mats are hazardous if you wish to maintain your cleanroom protocol.

A contamination breach can result in rejected goods, manufacturing downtime and loss of consumer confidence.

Dycem flooring effectively removes contamination from feet and wheels, taking a total of six footfalls or three full wheel rotations for this.

  • Dycem Flooring offers up to 99.9% after six footfalls and three rotations
  • A single peel: off mat is too small in size to help protect your cleanroom area

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