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OEM Group - New and Remanufactured Semiconductor Capital Equipment

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OEM Group is a global manufacturer of new and remanufactured semiconductor capital equipment.

The company specializes in innovative and complete sustaining solutions for developed semiconductor markets as well as emerging technologies such as:

  • Advanced packaging: 3D IC, TSV, SoC, WLP, embedded die, flip-chip, IPD, interposer
  • Compound semiconductors: SiC, Sapphire, GaN, AlN, ZnO, SoI, GaAs, etc.
  • LED and opto: OLED, HBLED, UV LED, blue laser
  • Logic and memory: CMOS, BCD, analog
  • MEMS and sensors: gyro, accelerometers, IMU, combo, image sensors, oscillator, compass, microphones, microbolometer and RF
  • Photovoltaic: wafer-based, thin films, CPV, BIP (building-integrated photovoltaics)
  • Power electronics: modules / ICs, inverters, thermal management, high voltage

LEGENDS™ semiconductor technology portfolio

OEM Group's proven LEGENDS technology portfolio is based on the acquired intellectual property from leading semiconductor brands, including: Tegal thin-film etch, Sputtered Films® Endeavor™, AMS™, MRC® Eclipse™, AGHeatpulse®, Varian® Sunset™, and Lam® AutoEtch™. As part of OEM Group's 2011 acquisition of Rhetech® and Semitool® Austria from Applied Materials, LEGENDS now includes Cintillio™ surface preparation equipment and processes.

Classics™ semiconductor equipment line

The company's Classics equipment line features recognized brands that are sustained and optimized for new applications and increased productivity. OEM Group's Classics systems include: Applied Materials® P5000™, Centura 5200™ and Endura 5500™; Lam® Rainbow™, TCP™ and Alliance™; Mattson® Aspen™ II ICP™, Diode™, Triode™ and CVD; and Novellus® Concept One™ and Concept Two™.

The company also offers foundry services designed for piezoelectric AlN films, yield-optimization and process and product development and demonstration.

New and remanufactured semiconductor systems

OEM Group owns the intellectual property for all systems within its LEGENDS portfolio, including software licensing and the ability to build new and remanufactured products. Customers are supported globally, with parts distribution, field service, upgrade kits, chamber additions, and reconfiguration.

OEM Group provides process support, including applications engineering, foundry services, and continuous product and process development. OEM Group products are cross-platform capable:

  • Eclipse Mark IV PVD
  • Endeavor AT PVD
  • Tegal 6500 etch
  • AG Heatpulse
  • Tegal 980

OEM Group sustains and optimizes recognized equipment for new applications and increased productivity demands.

  • Repurposing = 200mm systems for new applications
  • Customer collaboration and innovation
  • Sustaining support and development
  • Commercially creative solutions

The company's Classics product portfolio includes:

  • Applied Materials
  • LAM Research
  • Mattson
  • Novellus

OEM Group has broad substrate experience - 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm applications:

  • Silicon (Si)
  • Gallium arsenide (GaAs)
  • Gallium nitride (GaN)
  • Indium phosphide (InP)
  • Sapphire on silicon (SoS)
  • Sapphire
  • Silicon carbide (SiC)
  • Glass
  • Quartz

OEM Group engineering design center

OEM Group's engineering design center was created to discover, diagnose and centralize diverse manufacturing challenges in collaboration with customers. Together, we develop innovative parts and software solutions. OEM Group provides both sole and integrated process results.

  • Rapid prototyping through SolidWorks®
  • SECS / GEM protocol
  • Dedicated process engineering staff
  • Two PhD scientists, applications specialists

About OEM Group

OEM Group offers proven technology, with 11 best-in-class product lines and a worldwide installed base of 33,000+ systems. The company has 250 employees in ten countries and five world-class facilities around the globe.

OEM Group has proprietary IP from eight game-changing companies, plus patents, copyrights, trademarks, and know how, providing a solid foundation for continued development and a guarantee of complete and continuous supply.

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OEM Group, Inc.®
2120 W. Guadalupe Road
Gilbert, AZ 85233
United States of America
+1 480 558 9200
+1 480 609 9132

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