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P2i - Liquid Repellent Nano-Coating Technology for Electronic Devices

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P2i is the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology. They have a proven industrial process for protecting electronic devices from both water ingress and corrosion damage. To date (March 2012), over ten million electronic devices have been protected with the Aridion™ technology, including mobile phones, tablets and hearing aids. P2i has over 100 nano-coating systems across the world operating in five different continents.

Nano-coating technology for Electronic smartphone devices

Aridion™, P2i's brand for the electronics sector, is applied within a low pressure chamber, using a plasma deposition process to attach an ultra-thin polymer layer to both the internal and external surface of an electronic device. As the coating is 1,000 times thinner than a human hair (typically between 10-40 nanometres) it does not affect the delicate electrical components, including batteries and microphones. A current can still pass through the coating, meaning that during the manufacturing process the Aridion™ technology can be introduced at the end of the manufacturing line before packaging, as no masking of contact points is required.

Safeguarding data stored on electronic devices

Without affecting the look, feel or functionality of the device, protection is provided from accidental spills and splashes, safeguarding the data stored within the devices. As mobile phones play a greater role in consumers' everyday lives, they need to be able to endure the same environments that we do - be it a rainy day, high humidity climates or simply a steaming kitchen or bathroom. A recent survey identified that 42% of people had issues with water damage or corrosion due to moisture or liquids coming into contact with their electronic devices.

Nano-coating systems in high-volume manufacturing environments

The technology is just the beginning of the story, as it is really about being able to provide a cost-effective industrial process. P2i achieves this through the installation of nano-coating systems in high-volume manufacturing environments as well as providing 24/7 global service and support ensuring the machines are operational at all times around the world.

P2i's technology is protected by 57 patent families and the business extends from the Electronics sector to Lifestyle, Life Sciences, Filtration and Energy and Military and Defence.

Today P2i is only scratching the surface of this technology, as research and development teams use the nano-coating systems as a platform to deliver other functional advantages, including anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch technologies. The possibilities with P2i are truly endless.

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