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Beneq is an application-driven thin film equipment provider that explores and develops atomic layer deposition (ALD) and aerosol coating, nAERO and nHALO, for high-volume industrial production and R&D purposes. Beneq focuses on equipment and technology for functional coatings and thin films.

Beneq has an extensive IP portfolio and values its own, as well as its customers', know-how for developing win-win relationships. Beneq offers complete coatings services for proof-of-concept, batch type and pilot-scale production.

Beneq offers application-specific equipment for different industries, including:

  • Photovoltaics: TCO for thin film (a-Si, µc-Si and Cd-Te), buffer layers for CIGS and surface passivation for c-Si
  • Printed and organic electronics: encapsulation, diffusion and moisture barrier coatings
  • Glass manufacturing and post-processing: TCO, Low-e, strengthened glass, coloration
  • Display: strengthened glass
  • Medical: biocompatible and diffusion barrier coatings

Atomic layer deposition equipment

  • TFS 200 thin film system, the most flexible and modular ALD research system on the market
  • TFS 200R thin film system, the world's first commercial research tool for studying Roll-to-Roll ALD processes
  • TFS 500 thin film system, for scaled up research activities and first stage industrial production
  • TFS 600 thin film system for industrial OLED encapsulation
  • TFS 1200 thin film system, heavy-duty coating for in-line or cluster tool thin film production routines. Capable of coating substrates as large as 1,200mm × 1,200mm
  • TFS NX300 thin film system, for industrial-scale surface passivation of c-Si solar cells, throughput up to 3900 wafers per hour
  • P400A and P800, industrial production systems for large surface area or large batch number coating
  • WCS 500 web coating system for roll-to-roll ALD, research and production

Aerosol coating equipment

  • Beneq-Glaston TFC2000 for continuous off-line production of TCO coated glass for the solar industry
  • FCS 4000F functional coating system, in-line coating for float lines

Beneq was founded in 2005 and has since then, due to its rapid growth and expansive strategy, become a known player in all of its main application areas.

The company's activities within the global cleantech sector has brought about a number of accolades, the latest ones being the Internationalisation Award of the President of Finland, the 2011 Red Herring Global Top 100 Prize and Beneq Wins Best in New Materials from Global Cleantech Cluster Association.

Contact Details

PO Box 262
FI-01511 Vantaa
+358 9 7599 530
+358 9 7599 5310

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