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Conation Technologies knows that success in today's global economy requires superior quality, continuous cost improvement, integrity and accountability. By giving our customers the highest level of respect, Conation in turn gives them the tools to garner respect across the industry.

Known for excellent service and competitive pricing, and as one of just a handful of companies offering the refurbishment of KLA and other OEM-specific tools, Conation's vast skillset has grown to include refurbishment, remarketing, relocation services, upgrades, boards repair / exchange and parts supply.

Worldwide Connections

Conation Technologies has an extensive database of end-users; buyers and sellers; shipping, crating and other logistics services; and refurbishers and engineers of front- and back-end semiconductor equipment. Conation partners with a vast network of companies to provide clients from all segments of the high-tech community with options for equipment installation, service and support.

Employing fulltime engineers and a motivated business and sales team, Conation's services are specialised, allowing projects to be completed efficiently, affordably, and on time. Conation team members display an array of expertise, with backgrounds in engineering, marketing, manufacturing and business and years of experience.

Product Globalisation

With too many opportunities for miscommunication in the global arena, extra attention must be paid to how your business and products will be received at an end-user's site and throughout multiple countries. Conation has a wealth of experience, having completed many projects for leading international companies.

Conation's international reputation for delivering high-quality equipment refurbishment, parts and relocation stems from our policy to handpick the most highly qualified engineers for each customer's specific needs. Conation currently has offices in the US and Asia staffed with local sales and engineering support with intimate understandings of cultural customs and languages.

Innovative Service

Conation Technologies was built upon a foundation of long-term experiences working closely with well-established multi-national companies. That familiarity resulted in astute problem-solving skills, such as recognising a lack of quality services being offered to companies looking for third party alternatives for metrology tools. Through consistent delivery of accurate solutions, Conation has gained respect and a reputation of being pioneering, well-organised and smartly-managed.

Today Conation provides sales and engineering representation covering North America, Asia and Europe, with offices worldwide and an 8,000s.f. air-conditioned warehouse in California complete with an 800s.f. cleanroom for refurbishments and a 1,000s.f. showroom. This space affords storage of large equipment, freeing customer floor space during relocations or while Conation remarkets client assets.

Conation understands time lost means money and productivity lost. Telephone troubleshooting is an option when questions arise but a site visit is not required. This service lends timely, cost-effective resolutions to equipment issues while meeting your production and budgetary needs and strict timelines.

What every client should know:

  • Each project is priced according to market trends, availability, size, detail, and cost of labour and parts. With no additional hidden costs, clients know exactly what a project will cost before it begins
  • Most companies are reduced to finding individual parts (~8-12 weeks). In many cases, Conation's exchange program in many cases can turn a part around in three days. For parts repair clients should allow 2-3 weeks
  • Requests for quotes or information may be submitted by e-mail. A quote detailing exact costs and timeline will normally be returned within 1-3 days (varies depending on the extent of each project)
  • Conation does not perform or charge for rush work. If the team believes a project has an unrealistic deadline which will not allow excellence in workmanship, the opportunity will be declined
  • Because your business and processes are highly sensitive, strict non-disclosure is often required; Conation takes every precaution to ensure your proprietary documents are safe and secure

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