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For clients with high-tech or mission-critical projects, M+W Group's expertise is a guarantee for best-in-class execution. As the leading global engineering and construction partner, our reach extends to advanced technology facilities, the life science industries, energy and environment technologies, and high-tech Infrastructure. Whether a turnkey or modular project, M+W Group sets industry benchmarks in quality, time-to-market and total cost of ownership.

Our commitment to create value for customers has made us a partner of choice for global projects. Today, we proudly rank among the market leaders in sectors such as semiconductor, photovoltaic, life sciences, science and research, and renewable power generation. M+W Group's customers have been honoured with the Leadership Award for Energy and Environmental Design, multiple Fab of the Year awards and numerous other recognitions. With many client relationships spanning decades, M+W Group has earned the trust that our commitment to protecting health, safety and the environment is as consistent as it is resolute.

Greenfield turnkey projects, site selection, consulting, design and construction services

M+W Group offers a unique portfolio of services from adaptive re-use of existing facilities through expansion concepts to greenfield turnkey projects, we offer technical solutions ranging from site selection, consulting and design to construction and facility services.

With decades of process and automation design experience, we provide individual solutions that fit the special requirements of manufacturing in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food, consumer care and automotive industries.

Cleanroom products for state-of-the-art facilities

As an acknowledged leader in cleanroom products for state-of-the art facilities, we help to set the pace for development according to next-generation roadmaps.

Life-cycle services for high-tech production plants and infrastructure complexes

M+W Group has been in Asia for over 20 years and is the leading provider of integrated life-cycle solutions for high-tech production plants and infrastructure complexes. Through our extensive business networks and comprehensive capabilities, we provide all necessary service and modernisation support.

Our operations in nine countries throughout Asia (Singapore, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Australia, Vietnam) and Abu Dhabi employ over 3,000 staff in total. We serve a clientele consisting primarily of foremost companies in various industries; including electronics, photovoltaic, life sciences, chemical, automobile and communication.

M+W Asia is a trusted market leader in semiconductors, photovoltaics and pharmaceuticals, having been commissioned for projects by organisations such as GlobalFoundries, Micron, Infineon, ST Microelectronics, TSMC, REC, First Solar, BBraun, GSK and MSD, among others.

M+W Asia is a subsidiary of M+W Group, Stuttgart, a global organisation with revenues worth €1.8bn and a worldwide workforce of over 7,000.


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