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SVTC Technologies is the premier innovation partner for accelerating nanotechnology development and commercialisation. We have been partnering with customers to bridge the gap between research and manufacturing since the company began in 2004.

With our proven technology and IP-secure infrastructure, we help you in developing MEMS, microfluidics, novel memory and transistor, photovoltaic and other nanotechnology used in a wide array of markets such as semiconductor, life science, aerospace and defence, consumer mobility, telecommunications and clean energy.

Technology commercialisation experts

By selecting SVTC as your partner, you can have access to a full range of products and services that can be custom tailored to your requirements:

  • Technology commercialisation: dedicated to helping novel silicon developers bridge the commercialisation gap to enable faster time to revenue in an IP-secure environment
  • Fab infrastructure access: your path to over 250 production ready semiconductor tools and process libraries with over 2,500 recipes for 200mm and 300mm wafers
  • Engineering consulting: gain access to our highly skilled engineering team who will support your development from prototype to production
  • Manufacturing: ramp your ideas into reality with 95,000ft² clean room 24/7 supporting low volume production with fast transfer to high volume partners. SVTC is ISO9001, ISO13485 and ITAR certified

Leading silicon solutions for your market

Across a wide range of markets, SVTC can work with you to bring novel silicon concepts to market while reducing business and technology risk.

We have the services and technology development process to speed up the development of innovative new products that incorporate more-than-Moore technology, leveraging our domain expertise in your markets including:

  • Semiconductors: SVTC works with semiconductor start-ups, fables semiconductor companies and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) to accelerate their time to market with production-ready silicon
  • Life science: working with the life science industry, we are bringing innovative new Lab-on-Chip solutions to life, leveraging SVTC's proven expertise with MEMS, CMOS and microfluidic technologies
  • Aerospace and defence: in the high-security aerospace and defence industry, SVTC plays a catalytic role by incubating next-generation intelligence devices and supporting secure onshore production
  • Consumer mobility: by accelerating the development of silicon-driven products - ranging from MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers, to non-volatile memory - SVTC offers game-changing capabilities for consumer mobility companies that need to get new solutions to market quickly
  • Telecommunications: as the world's insatiable appetite for bandwidth escalates, SVTC enables you to easily experiment with new architectures and materials to address the unique demands of technologies such as photonics, RF MEMS and waveguides
  • Clean energy: building on our capabilities to drive the development of green technologies such as LED lighting, we are also helping to create new types of solar photovoltaic cells as well as other energy-harvesting and storage technologies


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