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Siemens Water Technologies serves close to 100,000 industrial customers and many of them are Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. Through ultrapure water purification, distribution, water reclaim and reuse, wastewater treatment and valued services, Siemens provides answers to industry and manufacturers by helping them meet specific water quality requirements to ensure consistent processes and production.

Waste and wastewater treatment solutions

In today's evolving high-tech markets, electronics manufacturers must innovate and bring products to market at a high rate of speed. In order to increase capacity, reduce costs and energy consumption, Siemens Water Technologies can help meet your manufacturing goals with innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions. Siemens Water Technologies can assist in controlling costs, meeting production water demands and environmental regulations by managing every aspect of your facility's water.

Point-of-use (POU) ultrapure water treatment

The VanoxTM POU system can consistently reduce total organic carbon (TOC) to 0.5 parts per billion (ppb) and treat seasonal TOC variations in feed water. This is important because TOC elevations above 1.0ppb can directly affect the manufacturing process, significantly impacting product yields.

The Vanox system removes and/or controls urea primarily associated with THMs (Trihalomethane), such as chloroform, which is generated as a by-product from the use of chlorine. The system also addresses urea and IPA, the primary organics that can require a more elaborate treatment and cause potential risk to a fabricator / manufacturing plant.

When the process is applied in a POU system, it provides improved yields and a better solution to target trace organics. The Vanox system provides a more effective destruction of IPA and other organic compounds that traditional ozone and peroxide / UV does not provide in re-use and reclaim facility waste streams.

Multi-chamber continuous neutralisation system

The TotalTreat® multi-chamber continuous pH neutralisation system (NS) has a compact design that neutralises dilute or concentrated acid or alkali wastewater on a continuous, gravity flow basis.

The TotalTreat multi-chamber continuous neutralisation system (NS) is a packaged system designed for continuous flow neutralisation. The system includes reaction tanks with chemical metering pumps, pH meters, mixers and effluent clearwell. The system consists of a rectangular polypropylene tank with external steel reinforcement (polypropylene encased). Internally, the system consists of either two or three reaction chambers plus a final effluent clearwell.

Standard system sizing is based on a ten minute retention time in each chamber. Each chamber is a separate stirred tank reactor with individual pH control. Gross chemical dosing pumps and effluent flow meters are available as options.

The TotalTreat multi-chamber continuous NS can be used as a standalone unit or integrated as part of a larger system. The standard system requires influent, effluent and a single-power connection. The chemistry used in the TotalTreat multi-chamber continuous NS is selected to provide optimum treatment for the waste.

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