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Ocular LCD Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading supplier of industrial touch panels and display products to the embedded technology industry. Ocular's innovative technologies enable equipment manufacturers to quickly bring to market product solutions with leading-edge, touch-enabled display capabilities. In addition to products, Ocular's extensive knowledge and 25 years of experience allow the team to work closely with manufacturers to design display capabilities that meet the unique requirements of their applications, including the demands of extreme environments.

Projected capacitive touch panels

With Ocular's Crystal Touch, system designers are able to combine the vibrant optical quality of a TFT display, the robust functionality of a true multi-touch panel and the extreme durability of projected capacitive technology required by demanding embedded applications. Crystal Touch is made of capacitive glass, resulting in a very durable touch panel that is less susceptible to scratching, chemicals in the environment and other contaminants. The glass construction of Crystal Touch ensures a crystal clear image.

New consumer demand for products with a clean, zero-bezel, industrial design make Ocular's Crystal Touch projected capacitive touch panel products a perfect fit for touch applications requiring a high tech, leading-edge look. Along with its durability, performance and clarity, Crystal Touch provides significant design flexibility and has been used in many faceplate configurations, including zero-bezel designs.

Electronic, mechanical, industrial and PCB design

Since inception, Ocular has been providing specialized services to customers. Ocular offers a full suite of engineering services including electronic design, mechanical design, industrial design, PCB design and firmware development. We have a long history of developing customized product solutions that meet each customer's unique product requirements. Ocular engineers are well versed in collaborating with our customers' design team, assessing product specifications and designing a product solution that meets customers' design criteria. 

Additional display enhancement services, such as optical bonding are also available.

Optical bonding services for display products

As a leader in the touch panel and display industry, Ocular is continually adding new value-added services that can enhance the existing products and services we provide, enabling customers to take their products to the next level. Ocular's projected capacitive touch family of products, Crystal Touch, is the chosen solution for multiple industry applications, including applications that utilize touch technologies in extreme environments.

Since many display products operate outdoors and in extreme climates, the readability and durability of these products are important. Other features that come into play with touch panel applications are the ability to keep the surface clean, eliminate scratches, resist moisture and the ability to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

These requirements can be satisfied through the use of optical bonding. Ocular has signed a licensing agreement with DuPont Display Enhancements to utilize their DuPont™ Vertak® direct bonding display technology for the optical enhancement of touch panels and other display products. Optical bonding can be used on many product designs utilizing displays, coverplates, touch panels or any combination of the three.

Ocular can provide optical bonding of our touch panel products, displays or glass coverplates. We can also provide this service for customer supplied materials in various sizes up to 46 inches. This provides customers with the flexibility to optically bond a wide array of display applications.

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