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Kuka Systems - Flexible Automation Systems for the Semiconductor Industry

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KUKA Systems, part of KUKA Aktiengesellschaft, is an international supplier of flexible automation systems for the automotive, aerospace, energy and industrial solutions segments. Some 3,500 employees worldwide work on ideas, concepts and solutions for automated production and the provision of products and services for virtually all tasks in the industrial processing of metallic and non-metallic materials. The range is presented and marketed internationally via subsidiaries and sales offices in Europe, America and Asia.

Automation of processes in photovoltaic industries

KUKA Systems Energy specialises in the automation of processes in photovoltaic industries and offers manufacturers a range of products and services for the implementation of production processes with utmost precision and efficiency.

Planning and engineering

A multitude of details must be considered, analysed and simulated before the perfect layout can be prepared. We guarantee uncompromising compliance with all specifications. The key to your success is thorough engineering to ensure a constant production output and the foundation for this is laid in the planning stage.

Project and quality management

As the production volume increases, so does the demand for professional project and quality management. We can guarantee custom-made equipment with maximum availability. Our customers can rely on the know-how of our engineers, who work worldwide.

Automated production systems

As a worldwide operating supplier of customised turnkey installations, we have the expertise to design and build complex and flexible production systems. You can rest assured that our concepts fully achieve what they were designed to do. We can provide standard solutions, which can easily be modified to suit your automation and working space requirements.

Tools, equipment and services

Whether you require integration of components to maintain process reliability or the manufacture of customised equipment, we welcome your enquiries and can provide viable solutions from one source.

Our services range from classic service activities to individually coordinated after-sales packages.

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