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PRTM's consultants bring deep industry insight to clients throughout the electronics, semiconductor, solar, and LED value chains. Our experts have helped shape the management agendas of top global high-tech companies, including integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), fabless semiconductor, solar, and LED companies, as well as their partners, suppliers and customers.

We understand the challenges posed by rapid growth, convergence and/or consolidation, and help our clients turn these challenges into opportunities for profitable growth. Whether you are facing a merger, undergoing a major restructuring, struggling to accelerate your launch time, or improve operational capabilities, we can help you achieve flawless performance and compete more effectively.

The subsectors we serve globally include semiconductors and components, solar, LED, communications equipment, wireline and wireless communications services, computers, and software.

Semiconductor industry consulting

Semiconductor companies face an increasingly difficult dilemma: how to keep development and total product costs down while delivering cutting-edge semiconductor solutions. Leading semiconductor companies are optimising their upfront R&D investments while creating products for targeted markets. At the same time, they are reworking their front and back-end supply chains to be more responsive to a range of customer needs.

Solar industry consulting

Business model innovation is the key to the solar energy industry's future. Solar companies striving for market leadership must act now to position their businesses for success in this new competitive environment. For solar companies to power their way to the top, they need to innovate their business models to address new challenges and to focus on key priorities.

LED industry consulting

Innovation and operational efficiency are the keys to support the rapid growth of the opto-semiconductor (LED) industry. Improvements to products (brightness, efficiency and cooling) need to be managed in conjunction with operational metrics (yield, cost, scalability) to meet rapidly increasing demand. As LEDs are evolving from being light sources to being part of many other convenience products, LED companies must focus on establishing key operational capabilities to sustain leadership and to be able to offer solutions to an entirely new set of customers.

PRTM helps companies master and mature their operational strategies. We support companies in developing leading strategies and implementing capabilities for their go-to-market practices, product development, supply chain excellence, and strategic sourcing. PRTM's consulting teams work collaboratively with clients to realise tangible, transformational business results.

For more information regarding PRTM's management consulting services for the semiconductor solar, and LED industries, please contact us.

About PRTM

Since 1976, PRTM has created a competitive advantage for its clients by changing the way companies operate. PRTM's management consultants work with senior executives to develop and implement innovative operational strategies that deliver breakthrough results. The firm is a leader in operational strategy, supply chain, product development, and customer value management. PRTM has 19 offices worldwide, and serves major industry and global public sectors.

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