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Cosense, Inc. is a highly innovative company using ultrasonic technology in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and semiconductor industries. Cosense has been the front runner for special level-problem solving, in semiconductor fluid-handling, wafer counting, wafer profiling, wafer alignment, wafer flatness, buckling, and gripping.

Fluid handling level sensors are designed to monitor liquid level in chemical delivery systems, acid and solvent tanks, wafer preparation and etching equipment, gas scrubbers, and monitoring of high purity chemicals in a stainless steel canister.

Cosense Sonic Eye™ series non-invasive level sensors detect fluid level as a high / low alarm in metal, glass and plastic containers with a disposable or reusable sensor, which eliminates the problem of fluid contamination.

For over 20 years, Cosense's design, development and manufacturing team has provided solutions to many level measurement challenges using an innovative approach with quality, reliability and cost effective solutions for OEM and private label customers.

The company's product portfolio includes ultrasonic invasive / non-invasive discrete single / multipoint and continuous level sensors, air bubble and particle detectors, flow / no flow detectors, and low flow metering devices.


Cosense ML-101 series 'through air ultrasonic', non-contact, miniature sensors are as small as 7.8mm in diameter. They offer precision level measurement, verification, and inspection solutions for semiconductor fluid handling of high purity liquid / gas delivery systems, or wafer etching process, with a measurement accuracy of ±0.0002in (±0.005mm).

The ML-101 series level applications include wafer alignment, flatness of wafer, wafer profiling, counting, and position safety.

The ML-101 series precision level-measurement system is available from a single channel to multiple channels up to 24 channels (12 standard) for scanning, or multiple point robotic applications.


The non-invasive Sonic Eye™ sensor monitors liquid levels at one or more points through a metal, glass, plastic pipe or container of various sizes, from ¼in (6.35mm) to 12in (305mm), and shapes. The exclusive patented reusable or disposable sensor design simply mounts on the container's outside wall without interrupting the process and also eliminates fluid contamination problems.

The non-invasive level sensor is designed with an integral microprocessor based electronics circuit. Custom design sensors are available for battery operation with 3.3V, 1mA current consumption.


Precursors for use in semiconductor fluid handling equipment are supplied in high integrity, stainless steel containers for purity and safety. To make the system independent of usage calculations, Cosense has introduced the SL-700/SL-900 series of ultrasonic liquid level sensors to monitor, in real time, liquid level accurately to within ±0.5mm of ultra pure chemical fluids.

Its miniature sensor design, with no moving parts, eliminates particle generation with a reduced liquid volume displacement. Chemical fluids include, but are not limited to CVD, ALD, DMAH, TAEO, TDEAT, TEOS, DCE, TCA, and BHD-111.

The sensor output can be utilized for an automatic refill function of chemical fluids in wafer cleaning and etching operations. The electronic module is available with a variety of input and output options including an RS-232 interface.


Cosense AD-101 Series ultrasonic non-invasive air bubble and particle detectors have a wide range of applications for the detection of air bubbles and particles in fluid-lines in the wafer etching process as well as in coolant lines.

Undetected air or absence of fluid can cause a major problem in the wafer manufacturing process. The AD-101 ultrasonic sensor simply clamps on the outside of the tubing wall, eliminating liquid contamination problems.

Standard sensors can detect air bubbles as small as 500 microns in size in tubing from 1mm to 12mm. All standard flexible and rigid tubing, including Teflon® can be accommodated.

Integral electronics offer a variety of output options including RS-232. Custom sensors for OEM customers can be designed to measure air bubbles down to 100 microns in size.

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