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BriskHeat - Heating, Insulation and Temperature Control Manufacturing

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BriskHeat has been a heating specialist since 1949. It is established globally with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, US, manufacturing in Vietnam and India and sales offices and contacts throughout the world.

Flexible surface heaters and controls for gas delivery, exhaust and process

BriskHeat helps you decrease downtime, increase throughput and maximize profits. Customers that rely on BriskHeat include manufacturers of LCD / flat panel displays, semiconductor and wafer processing, solar cells and panels and similar applications. Its flexible surface heaters and controls are used worldwide in any gas, liquid, or solid heat application, including gas delivery, exhaust and process. End-users such as fabs and foundries as well as OEMs have all found satisfaction in using BriskHeat to solve their heating needs.

Cloth heating jackets with temperature control

BriskHeat cloth heating jackets economically reduce condensation build-up by applying heat and insulation to all critical parts of your system. Reducing condensation build-up is vital to maximizing your manufacturing throughput and profits in processes such as CVD and etch. Cloth heating jackets can achieve temperatures up to 593°C.

BriskHeat offers both standard and custom-engineered heaters depending on your configuration, wattage needs, and temperature uniformity requirements. Heaters are typically controlled with BriskHeat's centipede system. The centipede offers the most accurate temperature control by providing an individual PID temperature control point for each heater in a system. These PID temperature control modules are then networked together for easy programming and central monitoring.

Cloth heating jackets easily install around complicated configurations, valves, straight sections, tanks, elbows, flanges, unistruts, and 0.25in diameter gas line tubing. BriskHeat cloth heating jackets are safe and durable with a typical life over ten years.

You will find BriskHeat cloth heating jackets installed at most fabs and foundries worldwide and on leading OEM equipment. No other supply-chain partner in the world offers a thermal solution that is as uniform, durable, safe, easy-to-install and economical.

Heating, insulating, and temperature control solutions

BriskHeat solves thousands of different applications with the widest variety of heating solutions in the world.

BriskHeat manufactures:

  • Flexible heating tapes
  • Silicone rubber heaters
  • Heating cables
  • Cloth heating jackets
  • Insulators
  • Drum heaters
  • IBC heaters
  • Gas cylinder warmers
  • Temperature controls and much more

BriskHeat has the product variety and engineering expertise to provide a solution for every budget and requirement so why pay more for less value?

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1055 Gibbard Avenue
43201 Ohio
United States of America
+1 614 294 3376

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