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Edwards is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of vacuum and abatement solutions. It offers a unique range of equipment, support services and technical expertise to meet application needs in the manufacture of microelectronic devices, including silicon and compound semiconductors.

Serving all leading process tool OEMs and a presence at every major semiconductor fab in the world, Edwards' systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of existing and developing processes. Its variety of systems such as dry vacuum pumps, turbomolecular pumps and point-of-use abatement systems are offered to optimise performance across the range of applications, from light duty to the heaviest duty processes.

Since 1919 Edwards has pioneered and constantly evolved its vacuum technology to become a vital and trusted partner for industries across the globe.

Vacuum and abatement equipment

As a global market leader for vacuum and abatement equipment in the semiconductor and flat panel display industries, Edwards can offer a complete range of value-adding solutions that maximise uptime and lower the cost of ownership. Its applications expertise in the semiconductor and FPD market is second to none, and its global service network includes on-site, hub service and remanufacturing facilities.

Vacuum and abatement systems for solar cell and LED manufacture

Edwards is the only manufacturer that can supply solar cell producers worldwide with an extensive range of vacuum and abatement systems for many stages of solar cell and LED manufacture. Its process and technical expertise spans the crystalline and thin film PV solar industries, while its commitment to the solar industry and investment in environmental technologies lower the cost per watt for its customers.

Edwards is focused on improving productivity and optimising the total cost of ownership. Its services include engineered upgrades, equipment monitoring and diagnostics, energy efficiency audits and advice, onsite maintenance planning, product overhauls in re-manufacturing hubs and through authorised service providers, spare parts and tools. With a global network of facilities and a team of almost 1,000 service engineers and technicians, Edwards is never far away.

Environmentally friendly pumps and abatement systems

Edwards has an excellent track record in the environment, helping bring benefits to some of the world's biggest businesses by reducing customers' power and water consumption, treating hazardous waste and remanufacturing used pumps. Edwards pumps and abatement systems are now 'green mode' equipped, saving energy and utilities during idle periods to reduce carbon footprint.

Energy-saving combustion abatement technology

Semiconductor manufacturing processes use gases, such as perfluorocarbons and sulphur hexafluoride, which are of high environmental concern due to their persistence and high global warming potential (GWP). These substances may have GWP thousands of times that of carbon dioxide.

Edwards has been helping its customers achieve high levels of destruction removal efficiency of these substances since the mid 1990s using its combustion abatement technology. More recently with plasma technology, its customers have been able to achieve CO2 reductions of more than 90% across entire fabs and in line with the World Semiconductor Council's targets.

For production of flat panels and emerging environmental devices such as solar panels and LED lighting, we have developed the Specta Z and G abatement systems to cope with higher gas flows.

In fact Edwards estimates that their abatement products prevent the equivalent CO2 output as 1% of the UK's annual carbon dioxide emissions.

The Atlas range of abatement products uses up to 50% less fuel than previous ranges. Edwards also offers Atlas technology as an energy efficiency upgrade to previous ranges of abatement products.

By combining pumps and abatement systems and applying idle mode technology, Edwards is proud to be able to save energy.

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