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Catena is an international group of innovative companies who are experts in the architecture and design of integrated circuits and IC design courses. Since Catena was established in 1986 it has developed as a centre of excellence in radio frequency communication, analogue, mixed signal and digital signal processing.

Catena’s success is demonstrated by its continuous growth and expanding international customer base as well as its long-standing strategic partnership with major semiconductor manufacturers.

Catena is a profitable, steadily growing organisation, which is an exciting place for creative and ambitious engineers to work. It is also well-positioned to be your partner in electronic design and IP.

Silicon proven differentiator IP and System Solutions

Together with selected partners Catena has developed and continues to develop silicon proven differentiator IP and system solutions to enable its customers to be successful in dynamic and competitive markets. The silicon proven IP can be relatively quickly adapted to customers’ specifications, which reduces its time-to-market and costs.

IP roadmap implementation

The main focus of Catena’s IP roadmap is high-performance RF, mixed-signal and ultra-low power DSP solutions in the areas of wireless and consumer applications. IP roadmap implementation is aligned on the one side with market requirements and on the other side with deep sub-micron process roadmaps of major foundries.

Wireless, consumer and MEMS sensor applications

Catena’s systems can be applied to wireless systems, including WiFi, WiMAX, ZigBee and ISM. Consumers can also use them in AF/FM radio, digital radio, TV and GPS and they can be applied to MEMS sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer.

Catena is proud to execute research activities and work closely with several European universities. It is also an active member of industry standardisation forums.

Analogue, mixed signal and DSP IC design

Catena is well-positioned to offer added value to its customers by generating creative solutions for new and existing design challenges. Rather than providing extra design capacity, Catena’s focus is to be a true R&D partner allowing the customer to fully benefit from its high level of expertise.

Today the Catena IC design group has evolved into a leading independent IC design force employing more than 120 engineers. Its multinational design team has been carefully selected to guarantee the highest level of skills in the design of analogue, mixed signal and DSP ICs with a strong focus on RF well into the GHz range. Its DSP design involves hardware and embedded software.

Customers can split all of the above activities into separate independent consultancies, pre-studies and studies, system architecture development, IC design and customer support.

Catena’s headquarters are in Delft, Netherlands, and it is also located in high-tech areas of the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria.

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Catena Holding

Elektronicaweg 40

2628 XG Delft



+31 15 275 6000 +31 15 275 6060

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Catena Holding

Elektronicaweg 40

2628 XG Delft



+31 15 275 6000 +31 15 275 6060

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