AP&S Wet Process System Design and Manufacturing

AP&S International is a specialist in the design and building of wet process systems for the PV and semiconductor industry. It offers a wide range of innovative tools and equipment for all applications common to the wet chemical processing of substrate surfaces in clean room environments. AP&S products include manual, semi-automated and fully automated wet process systems (batch and single wafer), carrier and box cleaners and chemical management systems (CMS) for 50mm to 300mm substrates.

Operating from its headquarters in Donaueschingen, Germany, and with service offices throughout Asia, the US and Europe, AP&S serves leading customers worldwide.

Clean, etch, PR strip, reclaim and plate wet process systems

AP&S handles a wide range of wet processes, including clean, etch, metal etch, PR strip, plate, clean, combined etch and reclaim.

Clean wet processes:

  • SC1
  • TMAH / H2O2
  • EKC / act a.o.
  • RCA clean
  • Pre-gate clean
  • DSP

Etch wet processes:

  • DHF
  • BOE
  • HF 49%
  • DHF / HCI
  • SiOetch
  • PME
  • P-etch

Combined etch wet processes:

  • Sio2 – Si3N4 etch
  • Var. SiO2 etch
  • Metal etch

PR strip wet processes:

  • SPM
  • SOM

Reclaim wet processes:

  • Poly reclaim
  • Oxide reclaim
  • Niride reclaim

Plate wet processes:

  • Nickel-gold
  • Nickel-palladium-gold

Wet process equipment and chemical management systems

The AP&S step family is available as a TwinStep, GigaStep and MultiStep. The Vulcanio offers electroless plating.

Each process is available in every degree of automation and includes SpinStep coating, developing, etching and cleaning.

SemiParts chemical management systems are available for the chemical distribution system (CDS), chemical mixing system (CMS) or the chemical waste system (CWS). They are designed to handle acids, solvents and caustics used in the semiconductor, micro mechanic and solar industries.

The WetProcessor manual offers limited automation but no limited process capability. SemiParts with its manual wet bench is a tool platform that is cost-effective and at the same provides a high level of process capabilities and flexibility. It is believed that a limitation in automation should not strip you of the benefits of high-end software and process control features.

Wet process system maintenance services

Full service is offered for all AP&S product lines and wet bench equipment of other vendors. This service provides maintenance worldwide and a 24 hour standby and hotline number.

AP&S have their own spare parts logistics and warehouse and can perform upgrades in the field. Tool installations, process qualifications, maintenance, tool relocations and refurbishments are also offered for HMR, Steag, SEZ, Akrion and AP&S tools.

Wet bench facility upgrades

A team of specialists adapt facilities to your needs and update them to the latest standards. Machines are reconditioned, damaged and obsolete components are replaced, settings are adjusted, modules are modified, adjustments to new norms are made, new control is offered and adjustments of handling are made as well as the optimisation of flow-rate. This means you can benefit from lower costs compared to purchasing a new tool, have a product with an extended operational life and your facility conforms to your process and security needs.

Wet benches and chemical distribution systems

AP&S has installed more than 290 wet benches, more than 80 automatic wet benches, more than 60 semi-automatic wet benches and more than 150 manual wet benches. It has also installed more than 300 chemical distribution systems.

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