MAX International Engineering Group Overall Resource Effectiveness, Cycle Time Reduction and Benchmarking Services for the Semiconductor Industry

MAX International Engineering Group is working globally to serve the semiconductor industry. It is the leading expert on operational improvement cycle time reduction, productivity improvement, new facility design and build.

The company’s exposure to multinational, multi-disciplined organizations allows it to offer a unique range of solutions to help fabs maximize their potential and increase profit through operational excellence.

Semiconductor manufacturing services

From the firm’s top management to the engineers on site, all MAX employees are experienced semiconductor manufacturing veterans, committed to working in synergy with customer organization as one team, zealously improving the bottom line.

The company aims to increase productivity and output, and shorten cycle times, thus reducing operational costs. Unlike consulting companies, MAX does not only show theoretical potential, it leads the implementation process.

From new facility design to increasing performance in an existing one, the company deploys its proprietary cutting-edge tools and methodologies to help clients succeed.

We provide services from overall resource effectiveness and cycle time reduction to benchmarking.

Overall resource effectiveness (ORE) services

Overall resource effectiveness is the key to producing the best performance out of your facility. It’s always easy to add more tools when you need more capacity or better cycle times, but the cost of semiconductor tools is very high, not to mention that adding major toolsets can mean extra operating costs that will create an overhead that will remain with you in the next lean cycle.

Our teams are using the ‘ORE’ methodology to quickly learn the organization, allowing us to know your ‘floor’ better than you in a manner of weeks. We have been repeatedly successful in achieving 30% to 50% increase in throughput and even greater reduction in cycle time, without adding a single major tool. And our industry experience allows us to perform these projects with minimal interference to your staff’s busy schedule.

Cycle time reduction services

MAX teams have proven experience in cycle time reduction. Achieving and sustaining two and a half times factor and two days per mask layer. We base our recommendations on our intimate knowledge of all the organization levels, from the CEO to the engineering manager to the tool operator. We will not only show you the opportunities but will take you through the actual implementation.

Semiconductor benchmarking services

MAX IEG has extensive experience in semiconductor benchmarking, both fab and tool levels. Our exposure to multiple sites across the globe allows us to define best-in-class benchmarks while protecting the confidentiality of our customers’ data.

At the site level, we measure multiple areas including: operational efficiency and performance KPIs, personnel requirements, facilities, yield and cost. On the other side, we benchmark speed, availability, resource consumption on different tool sets with a high degree of detail.

Our extensive and elaborated process enables us to compare data on an ‘apples-to-apples’ basis. Each submitted data point is triple-checked for errors, excursion or outliers. Definitions are clear and concise and members are encouraged to share their concerns and questions along the process.

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MAX International Engineering Group

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MAX International Engineering Group

180 Old Tappan Road, Bld 4

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United States of America

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