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Bayer MaterialScience is among the world’s largest polymer companies with 2010 sales of €10.2bn. Business activities are focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. The main segments served are the automotive, electrical and electronics, construction and the sports and leisure industries. At the end of 2010, Bayer MaterialScience had 30 production sites and employed approximately 14,400 people around the globe. Bayer MaterialScience is a Bayer Group company.

Polycarbonate materials for the solid state lighting industry

Especially for the solid state lighting (SSL) industry Bayer MaterialScience has developed a series of polycarbonate-based materials for diverse optical applications. The basic requirements of light management are:

  • Light guiding
  • Light diffusing
  • Light reflecting
  • Light blocking

To serve these requirements Bayer MaterialScience has developed Makrolon® LED and Makrolon® FR, which are clear grades for injection molded lenses and light guides.

Polycarbonate grades for highest light transmission

Different grades have been developed to achieve the highest light transmission combined with the generally known spectrum of technical properties of polycarbonates, including mechanical strength, temperature durability and flame retardance compared to other polymer classes used in the lighting industry.

Makrolon® LED2045 is especially designed for light guides used in indoor applications and the automotive industry. Makrolon® LED2245 is also designed for light guides and optical lenses in indoor applications. Makrolon® LED2643 is a typical grade for the production of secondary optics for LED based applications and the UV-protected weatherproof grade makes it especially useful for outdoor applications. All Makrolon® LED grades are globally available.

In many applications it is a basic requirement that the flame retardance of Makrolon® is increased compared to regular grades. Following these requirements different grades have been developed. Makrolon® FR7087 (UL94  5VA@3.0mm / V-0@2.2mm / V-2@1.5mm) and Makrolon® FR7067 (UL94  V-0@1.5mm / V-2@1.5mm) are UV-stabilised grades with a high transmission, which gives these grades a unique position in the range of polycarbonates. Both Makrolon® FR grades are globally available except in Europe.

Light diffusing grades

Special Makrolon® grades have been developed for light diffusion. These grades offer excellent source blocking power and efficient light diffusion without sacrificing the high light transmission. Numerous diffusion levels are possible. These are available globally in molding and extrusion grades.

Reflective colour technology

Based on this technology a reflectance of up to 95% is possible without secondary operations, like plating or coating. These materials are suitable for reflectors, shades and housings. They are available globally in molding and extrusion grades.

Light blocking technologies

Occasionally, guiding light makes it necessary to block parts of the light. Makrolon® grades can be used for a 100% light blocking with only 0.5mm thickness of the light blocking layer. This technology is suitable for preventing light bleed-through in shades, holders and housings. The material is globally available in molding and extrusion grades.

Grades for transparent extruded products

Besides the injection molded parts it is often necessary to use extruded parts for diverse applications. The different requirements for these applications can be covered by grades like Makrolon® 6717 (UL94  V-0@2.0mm) and Makrolon® ET3113 (UL94  V-2@0.75mm to 1.4mm). These grades are globally available.

Parts and tools design, injection molding and extrusion processes

Beyond the material knowledge Bayer MaterialScience has detailed experience in designing parts and tools, injection molding, extrusion processes and secondary production steps. This knowledge is offered as a service to customers at different technical centers around the world.

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