Solutia Solar Photovoltaic Encapsulation Technologies

Solutia Solar®, a subsidiary of Solutia Inc., is a global provider of advanced solar encapsulants providing long-term durability and high-performance to solar modules. We are the world’s leading supplier of films for use in architectural, automotive and photovoltaic applications – an achievement dating back to 1937 when we invented poly-vinyl butyral or PVB.

In 2010, Solutia acquired Etimex Solar® of Germany to become the world’s only producer of all major photovoltaic encapsulation technologies branded as Vistasolar® EVA/TPU and Saflex PVB. In 2011, we will begin producing Vistasolar EVA at our manufacturing site in Suzhou, China.

We’re now leveraging our unique EVA-TPU-PVB portfolio, manufacturing scale, and technical expertise to deliver cutting-edge solutions to encapsulation problems.

Innovative advanced solar encapsulant products

First introduced in 1980, Vistasolar was the first commercial-grade EVA used in Europe for photovoltaics, giving it an unrivaled track record for proven performance and quality. Today, Vistasolar continues to expand with new innovations designed to increase throughput. As a trusted brand worldwide, Vistasolar enhances the bankability of a solar module.

Saflex PVB has a distinguished history for use in the architectural and automotive glass markets. Invented by Solutia in 1937, PVB is exceptionally suited for use in photovoltaic applications based on proven-edge stability, durability and adhesion. The Saflex PVB product line now includes five innovative PVB encapsulants designed specifically for solar modules.

Global EVA/PVB encapsulant manufacturing capabilities

Solutia is committed to helping make solar energy an economically sustainable source of energy. To that end, we’re using our global manufacturing footprint to help module makers lower the total cost of solar module production.

Solutia has EVA/PVB encapsulant manufacturing sites in China, Germany, Belgium, the US, Mexico and Brazil. To further reduce cost and shorten lead times, we’re continuing to expand in local markets to reliably deliver Vistasolar EVA and Saflex PVB encapsulants. This includes new Vistasolar EVA production lines in China (2011) and PVB capacity expansions at our sites in China and Brazil (2012).

EVA/PVB encapsulation expertise

With an 80-year history of producing PVB films combined with a 30-year history of producing EVA films, Solutia has developed a strong reputation in providing expert technical service to help manufacturers efficiently deliver high yields and throughput. We build long-term relationships with industry leaders based on responsiveness, innovation and a culture of continuous improvement.

To ensure our technical team provides the best service and support in the industry, we recognize the need to provide the necessary resources to deliver outstanding results. In 2010, we opened a new photovoltaic laboratory designed to spur innovation, accelerate new product development timelines, and provide expert technical support like IEC testing and pilot production of encapsulants.

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Solutia Solar

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Solutia Solar

575 Maryville Centre Drive

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United States of America

+1 314 674 2773 +1 314 674 7021

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