JRT Photovoltaics Printing and Testing Metallisation Lines for Crystalline Solar Cells

JRT Photovoltaics provides leading technologies for printing and testing metallisation lines for crystalline solar cells.

The mission of JRT is to enhance the production of crystalline solar cells with focus on improving economics, process optimisation and overall cost efficiency.

Metallisation and handling lines for coating crystalline solar cells

JRT Photovoltaics combines the know-how and market experience of two strong partners: Jonas & Redmann and Thieme. JRT provides an optimal service spectrum in the sector of metallisation and handling technologies for the partial coating of crystalline solar cells. Here, the highest quality standards, innovative technologies and the synergy of years of experience come together in the respective core competencies and has the foundations for providing customers with efficient, high-quality solutions.

Its highly automated, operator-friendly metallisation lines stand out for their high yield and low production costs, while providing the highest process stability possible. The JRT Photovoltaics international business is all over the world and has its headquarters in Germany. Its global sales and service organisation is located at branches of JRT – parent companies in Korea, Taiwan, China and the US.

Metallisation production systems for crystalline solar cells

JRT Photovoltaics offers a complete range of production systems for the metallisation of crystalline solar cells with best results in total cost of ownership:

  • High throughput and low breakage rates
  • Automation ensures productivity uptime
  • Low production costs
  • Lowest breakage rates
  • High uptime
  • High autonomous time

The JRT metallisation line is designed for the market’s highest quality production and reliability with additional special features:

  • New technologies and cell concepts, including selective emitter and double printing
  • Integrated AOI systems such as printing and breakage inspection
  • High autonomous time, including automatic paste dispensing system, integrated automatic buffer systems and high screen lifetime
  • Unique JRT soft printing technology

Metallisation line including print and test line

For the solar industry JRT is offering a standard-setting flexible system concept for the partial coating of silicon wafers by screen printing which ensures a high quality of print combined with minimum breakages and low tooling and maintenance times.

The JRT metallisation line is designed as a double-lane print line and as a single-lane test line. High throughput, high uptime, low set-up times and avoiding stress on wafers are the main properties of the JRT metallisation line, thanks to unique solutions. These solutions include smooth wafer handling and transport, numerous camera breakage checks and automatic breakage discharge systems throughout the whole line, and operator-friendly features.

Printing stations and dryers

The JRT print line consists of three printing stations and three dryers, including the handling. Each of the three identical screen printing stations has a rotary table system with four identical double printing nests where two wafers are printed in one printer at the same time, therefore providing a high throughput.

Testing, classification and sorting in the test line

After firing in a fast firing furnace the optical and electrical characteristics of fully processed solar cells are tested, classified and sorted in the JRT test line.

The JRT test line is based on a single-lane highly efficient system providing a high throughput, high uptime with very smooth cell handling. State-of-the-art classification and testing systems can be integrated. Integrated operator / automatic line interface features allow the line to operate in different useful modes, which means you can get the highest use out of the complete metallisation line.

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JRT Photovoltaics

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JRT Photovoltaics

JRT Photovoltaics GmbH & Co. KG

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+49 764 158 3700 www.jrt-pv.de

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