PiezoMotor Piezoelectric Motors for the Semiconductor Industry

PiezoMotor manufactures and develops piezoelectric motors for the semiconductor industry.

Precision linear and rotary motors

PiezoMotor’s high-precision product line includes Piezo LEGS® piezoelectric motion technology with either linear or rotary motors. The company’s motors decrease the total product size and deliver accurate nanometer resolution and optimum power.

The motors are capable of lifting 1,000 times their own weight using a small amount of energy and components.

The semiconductor industry depends on accurate movement in application-critical manufacturing processes. For example, the photolithography stepper machine in the silicon wafer processing line has numerous motion axes whereas conventional motors cannot meet the same specifications.

Linear motors with nanometer resolution

Piezo LEGS motor technology delivers sub-nanometer precision and high system accuracy, and can easily be adapted for different demands and applications such as increased robustness.

Linear motors start from 6 Newton (N) stall force up to 450N, while the rotary version can achieve up to 80 milliNewton metre (mNm) with nanometer resolution.

PiezoMotor’s range of products is designed for alignment and backlash-free motion, while saving energy. The motors are extremely compact and offer optimum holding force relative to their size.

The company can customise manufactured piezoelectric motors for special conditions in semiconductor machines, and can replace traditional electromagnetic motors that do not meet performance specifications.

Piezo LEGS motion systems comprise linear and rotary motors for up to 450N that reduce the total product size, and deliver accurate nanometre resolution.

Piezoelectric motor controllers

The electronics behind Piezo LEGS motors are simple, compared with conventional brushless electric and stepping devices.

Conventional electric motors usually require several assembled parts, including a rotor, stator, ball bearings and linear screws. The motor size is smaller, and precision is increased by eliminating bulky and lashing mechanical parts.

About PiezoMotor

PiezoMotor is based on micro-motion research conducted at Uppsala University in Sweden. The company meets the demand for innovative micro-motor technology and aims to further develop the market for smaller products.

PiezoMotor has distributors worldwide and a skilled team of engineers for support.

In 2007, PiezoMotor AB signed an investment and collaboration agreement with the FAULHABER Group, a collection of companies renowned for their microdrive, precision and microsystem technologies.

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