Bristlecone Business Process Improvement for Supply Chains

Bristlecone is a leader in advising clients on how to maximise the strategic value of their supply chains and assisting them in unleashing that value rapidly through effective use of enabling technologies.

With our singular focus on addressing procurement and supply chain challenges, we help our clients to diagnose, design, enable and enhance their operations by encapsulating our years of experience into pre-configured solutions and accelerated deployments and enhancement packs for the leading supply chain technologies.

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, Bristlecone also has offices located across the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia and India.

Our semiconductor experience

Bristlecone understands that every semiconductor company has unique aspects to their demand planning, supply chain planning and manufacturing execution processes. These translate into a unique set of requirements for a planning and execution system, which must be incorporated into a supply chain solution, whether the modeling is being done for a manufacturer or a fab-less organisation.

We take pride in the value that we add through our prebuilt customisations and templates that are a result of our in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the supply chain and the best practices gathered from our extensive experience in providing supply chain solutions to semiconductor companies.

We provide ready to connect contract manufacturing solution for inventory visibility and tracking. Our unique accelerated deployment methodology ensures a quick return on investments, enabling you to go live in a time span as short as six weeks.

Bristlecone’s preconfigured semiconductor solution

Bristlecone has developed the preconfigured semiconductor solution (PSS), which:

  • Provides a complete business process solution to manage a company’s financials, cost, demand and supply planning, procurement, manufacturing, contract manufacturing, order management and logistics
  • Simplifies SAP transactions to make it easier to use
  • Provides ready to connect solution for contract manufacturing for inventory visibility and tracking
  • Enhances SAP’s quality control functions to meet semiconductor industry requirements

Bristlecone services

Bristlecone is widely recognised as a leading provider of supply chain services and solutions to a select spectrum of industries that include semiconductor, hi-tech, oil and gas, retail and CPG and automotive, among others.

Bristlecone’s highly specialised services are an amalgamation of its deep domain expertise in business process improvement and systems implementation for demand and supply planning , strategic sourcing, inventory and supplier collaboration, and many such processes. In addition, Bristlecone also provides outsourced product development services to independent software vendors (ISVs) related to systems integration and deployments.

Integrated supply chain

Bristlecone specialises in helping clients maximise the strategic value of their supply chains. We leverage our deep domain expertise to provide measurable business value while ensuring optimised process efficiencies and productivity levels. Our integrated supply chain solutions encompass the following service areas across all discrete and process industries:

  • Supply chain planning
  • Supply chain execution
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Supply chain measurement

Integrated sourcing and procurement

Bristlecone’s integrated sourcing and procurement (ISP) practice provides technology enablement to the entire ‘analyse to pay’ spectrum right from analysing to invoicing. We support the complete implementation lifecycle and have expertise in consulting, implementation and upgrades, integration and development, as well as managed services and deployment services across all industries.

Our ISP services encompass:

  • Analyse now services
  • Source now services
  • Contract now services
  • Procure now services
  • Catalog management
  • Collaborate now services
  • Invoice now services

Bristlecone managed services

Bristlecone managed services provides robust, sustainable and scalable solutions for application support. We address the entire spectrum of your business and focus on achieving maximum ROI from your SAP investments.

Bristlecone managed services understands the need for application support at various levels and we have devised our support services in the following areas:

  • Application management services
  • Application maturity services
  • Application knowledge services


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