Novelda Nanoscale Impulse Radar Transceiver

The Novelda impulse radar is a complete CMOS radar transceiver integrated on a single chip. It is an electromagnetic high-precision sensor for human vital sign monitoring, personal security, environmental monitoring, industrial automation and other novel sensor applications.

In addition to being an alternative to existing technologies, such as video, ultrasound and infrared sensors, our impulse radar allows users to explore new application areas due to its speed, high resolution and ability to ‘see through’ obstacles.

Novelda provides development kits and software for all available chips to help developers save time and money needed for prototyping and concept development.

Impulse radar transceiver

The Novelda NVA6000 series impulse radar transceiver is an extremely advanced electromagnetic high-precision sensor integrated on a single chip; it offers unique penetration capabilities while bringing down the cost of ownership for customers. It incorporates advanced design and technology that successfully eliminates previous chips.

This provides it with the ability to effectively cater to a range of sensor applications in fields ranging from medical imaging to security and surveillance. The applications this device can be used for include health monitoring (including stress and pulse monitoring), medical diagnosis (including heartbeat monitoring and 3D RF-imaging), automotive and industrial (including distance and road obstacle detection), security surveillance (such as motion detection), and energy automation and defence.

The highly advanced features of the Novelda NVA6000 impulse radar transceiver, coupled with its ability to see through obstacles, high precession, sensitivity and speed that lead to cost savings, provides it with high penetration potential in the radar sensors market.

Nanoscale impulse radar

Impulse radar technology offers unique penetration abilities and very high accuracy by transmitting and receiving short impulses. The nanoscale impulse radar from Novelda takes advantage of these properties and provides an easily integrated and robust single chip solution for a wide range of remote-sensing applications, requiring only a minimum of external components. The technology that makes it possible employs innovative design techniques in order to implement the complete radar transceiver system on a single CMOS chip.

Impulse radar software and drivers

Novelda provides a comprehensive offering for the implementation of impulse radar applications. This includes silicon, development kits, software and drivers. RF, signal processing and antenna design support can also be provided through industrial partners.

Novelda technology facilitates efficient implementation by ODMs and OEMs. Based on industry standards, Novelda’s products deliver superior performance, require low power and are cost optimised.

Founded in 2004, Novelda, based in Norway, is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company developing CMOS single-chip impulse radar IC’s. As an offshoot of the highly acclaimed University of Oslo, the company prides itself on its extremely strong research and development (R&D) department and technological skills.

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