ROFIN Lasers and Laser-Based Technologies for Industrial Material Processing

With 35 years of experience, ROFIN is a leading developer and manufacturer of lasers and laser-based technologies for industrial material processing applications. We focus on developing key innovative technologies and advanced production methods for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Laser beam sources and laser-based systems

We develop and produce laser beam sources and laser-based systems solutions based on a broad scope of technologies, including CO2 lasers; lamp and diode pumped, solid-state lasers in rod or disk geometry; as well as fiber and diode lasers. Our product portfolio ranges from single laser-beam sources to highly complex systems, covering the entire power spectrum, from single-digit watts up to multi-kilowatts, as well as a comprehensive spectrum of wavelengths.

An extensive range of laser components completes our product portfolio. ROFIN’s company structure reflects the many requirements of our customers throughout multiple industries, and is divided into three areas of core competence:

High-powered laser sources for cutting and welding

The core of our LASER MACRO business is high-powered laser sources, primarily used for cutting and welding as well as surface treatment applications.

Low-power laser sources and laser-based systems

LASER MICRO concentrates on laser sources and laser-based system solutions that require less power output for micro-processing of materials, such as laser fine cutting and welding or microstructuring.

Laser marking solutions

LASER MARKING specialises in innovative marking solutions on both organic and inorganic materials for many different industries

These business activities are complemented by our component business, which is comprised of diodes and diode laser components, power supplies, fibers and fiber beam deliveries as well as fibre laser components.

Laser beam sources and system applications

ROFIN’s laser beam sources and laser-based systems solutions are supplied worldwide, particularly in the following industries:

  • Automotive and sub-suppliers
  • Consumer electronics
  • Consumer products
  • Die and mold industry
  • Glass and display technology
  • Jewellery and dental
  • Machine tool
  • Medical device industry
  • Packaging
  • Plastics
  • Security cards / labels
  • Semiconductors and electronics
  • Solar industry

Global presence

With headquarters in Plymouth, MI (US) and Hamburg (Germany), as well as production sites in the US, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Singapore and China, and our worldwide strategic sales and service network, we serve customers throughout the world. Our global installed base is currently approximately 38,000 laser units.

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