EcoSys Gas Abatement and Ancillary Equipment for Semiconductor Systems

EcoSys has been a leading system solutions provider in the environmental protection system industry for more than 16 years.

The Ecosys abatement product range covers all process modules and types in the modern semiconductor wafer fab and offers abatement efficiencies of less than 99% on all gas species, including perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) and greenhouse gases (GHGs).

The EcoSys product range comprises the Marathon, Guardian, CDO and Vector abatement systems. With a full suite of different related technologies, our portfolio offers a variety of high-performance gas treatment solutions for your fab module and process type.

Gas abatement solutions for the semiconductor industry

In EcoSys, we offer a full line of point-of-use (POU) abatement systems covering all process types in the modern semiconductor industries.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Marathon Series (burn and wet, or plasma gasification and wet)
  • CDO Series (thermal and wet)
  • Guardian Series (burn)
  • Vector Series (wet)

Integrated gas abatement systems

The Marathon M91 and M91D are our flagship products and are suitable for all process types. These are integrated combustion and wet abatement systems to meet the requirements of the semiconductor industry.

M91D has an extended cabinet that mirrors every component, which aims to increase the processing capacity or act as a fault-tolerant system to reduce system downtime. This high-capacity unit can be connected to four individual process chambers (per reactor) to meet higher uptime demand in specific chemical vapour deposition (CVD) processes.

The Marathon M91U consists of dual reactors in a single cabinet and features a fault-tolerant design that ensures uninterrupted operation and minimal downtime. It also includes a sedimentation compartment to separate heavy water particulates and a top plate with protruding inlet flange that prevents particulate build-up before the combustion process occurs.

M91PD has the same design principles as M91P; it combines all the best features of all the EcoSys scrubber designs and adds on a mirror system to increase the processing capacity or act as a fault-tolerant mechanism to reduce system downtime. The variant provides the efficiency of processing gas decomposition without using fuel or hydrogen. In addition, the design officially sets a new standard for both low power consumption plasma abatement and operating-maintenance cost-effective systems.

Wet abatement systems

An effective treatment solution must have high uptime and be flexible enough to handle changing processing and environmental needs. The Vector is uniquely suited to meet these challenges.

The Vector is a reliable treatment system that is critical to the productivity of advanced process tools.

Incorporating a cyclone-driven particulate design for both gas and water sections, the Vector is tailored to the high particulate forming process. The chemical dosing option enables the solution to handle toxic gases such as arsine (AsH₃) and phosphine (PH₃) to meet the stringent safety and environmental requirements of the industry.

Combination gas abatement systems

The Guardian series offers effective and reliable abatement solutions for the thermal oxidation and combustion of post-chamber and cabinet-vented process gases.

The combustion abatement variant uses active flame oxidation as the effluent gases pass through a wall of flame in the main chamber, optimising the decomposition of all flammable and pyrophoric gas byproducts.

Thermal or wet abatement systems

EcoSys’ CDO series is an innovative point-of-use integrated thermal-wet abatement system, which is designed to treat fluorine generated by plasma chamber clean applications without fuel or toxic reagents.

Constructed with advanced metal alloys for corrosion resistance, the CDO 91 is a safe, cost-effective abatement system for the treatment of F2 at the POU, ensuring CDO customers the highest reliability and tool uptime.

Ultra-high purity fluid solutions and welding services

EcoSys is an ultra-high purity fluid solutions provider.

Our manufacturing plants are well equipped with various ultra-high purity and high precision machines.

Our facilities and equipment include a Class 100 cleanroom, particle counters, helium leak detectors and orbital welding machines.

EcoSys also has a range of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, including tube cutters, tube benders, machine centres and lathes.

We also provide a full turnkey package for our gas abatement solutions that can be easily deployed or implemented in your current business processes.

Our turnkey packages either adhere to the original design manufacturing (ODM) or EcoSys can build a complete system from a bill of materials (BOM).

Additional services

EcoSys offers various services to complement its portfolio of gas abatement systems. These services include manual, orbital and robotic welding; equipment assembly; electrical capabilities; and testing.

We also offer fabrication services for either plastic or metal components. Those for the latter are performed using either laser cutting or CNC machining processes while our plastic part fabrication services also include welding and assembly capabilities.

EcoSys’ electrical and control capabilities include programmable logic control (PLC) and human-machine interface (HMI) design and development.

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